Île-de-France Mobilités is set to launch an electric bicycle service with a long-term lease

Electrically assisted bicycles offer all the benefits of traditional bicycles: They are fast, clean and convenient. Cycling can help people stay active, which is good for health! And when the eletric power setting is turned on, cyclists can easily reach a range of 9 km without any additional effort.

Among 5 million bicycles in use today in the Île-de-France Region, nearly 80,000-100,000 are electrically assisted bikes. Cycling accounts only for 2% of daily commute.

The new service with electrically assisted bikes aims to encourage the take up of cycling among commuters in the Île-de-France Region by leasing out 20,000 bicycles for 6 months.

The monthly subscription will be reimbursed up to 50% by the employer in the frame of intermodal mobility. The cost of the subscription will depend on the offers received through the tender, however Île-de-France Mobilités wish to fix the price at maximum EUR 40,00 / month.

The fleet of bicycles shall enter into service in spring 2019.

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