ICT-Emissions exploitaion group workshop on 13 November in Brussels

This meeting will look closely at case studies in Madrid, Turin and Rome (presentations from TransyT-Universitad Politecnica de Madrid, 5T-Torino, and Centro Ricerche Fiat CRF), including ICT-Emissions driving cycles (CRF), Development and use of the vehicle energy/emission simulator in ICT-Emissions (AVL and LAT-Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Evaluation Plan for testing the impacts of ITC/ITS measures on mobility and CO2 emissions (LAT), Driver simulator and simulation of ADAS vehicles in micro-traffic environments (Berner & Mattner), and ICT-Emissions Model Integration (IVECO).

The workshop is free to attend and is open to public authorities, stakeholders from the automotive industry, OEMs, ITS and ICT providers.

For more information, please download the agenda.

For registrations, please contact Florinda Boschetti.