Growth of small scale solutions and small vehicle use in city logistics

There is a current market tendency to be observed, in which small scale solutions develop within a  specialised niche market in urban freight, green logistics and  e-freight. This is especially the case for clean technology solutions such as small cargocycles, small battery electric vans, for consolidation centres and for the IT used in urban context.

The objective of this workshop will be to have an exchange on the most up to date business solutions, markets, technology aspects and policy/regulatory frameworks designed to support the uptake of these small-scale solutions.

The focus of this workshop is to understand the condition for a future sustained growth of this type of business, and to understand whether in some cases the initiative has to remain at a small scale in order to be viable.

One of the key technology questions to enable growth, besides the development of suitable and clean vehicles, is to develop ITC solutions to integrate the last mile deliveries more efficiently in the supply chain. A central aim is to use ITC so that the vehicle and the logistics operations are better adapted to the customer and logistics provider requirements.

The workshop will include the findings of the ongoing BESTFACT implementation actions.

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