"Green Urban Mobility in 2030" session at the 2016 EU Sustainable Energy Week

Cities are becoming increasingly important. Up to 70% of the EU’s population lives in urban areas, they consume about 80% of the EU’s energy use and generate up to 85% of the total GDP.

With so many people living in our cities, creativity, innovation and novelty solutions and products get the chance to flourish.

Problems such as, air pollution and congestion are threatening the liveability of our cities. Green urban mobility can contribute substantially to quality of life, health, economic and urban development, competitiveness, energy efficiency and ultimately ensure that our cities stay liveable!

The Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union has set the Urban Agenda as one of their focal points for the first half of 2016 and is looking to get the ministers to agree on the Pact of Amsterdam. This pact will serve as the start for the concrete implementation of the EU Urban Agenda.

Dutch Railways Brussels and Arnhem Nijmegen City Region are organising a joint session on the substantial needs that arise from transport in our cities.

The theme of this workshop is to inspire and invite participants to come on board and think about what urban mobility might look like in 2030.

  • What is necessary to ensure that our cities will be at the forefront of sustainable urban transport?
  • Which steps need to be taken towards 2030?
  • And who will be taking those steps?

Architects, city designers, policy makers and stakeholders are invited to attend and contribute ideas and thoughts on possible ways towards the future of urban mobility.

The event takes place on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 from 11:00AM to 01:30PM, Avenue de Palmerston, 3 in Brussels.

This event is free to attend. To register, please visit the event webpage.