Germany launches its strategy for automated transport

In order to reach the objective of making Germany a leader in automated transport and connected vehicles, the German Federal Transport Ministry developed a comprehensive document including law, infrastructure, innovation and data protection.

The strategy focuses on the following five areas:

  • Infrastructure: The expansion of a nationwide mobile broadband network which enables connectivity between vehicles and the infrastructure.
  • Law: A new legal framework, in the future automated vehicles will be allowed to take over driving tasks autonomously, without constant monitoring of the driver.
  • Innovation: Trial of innovations in real conditions, the federal ministry, the transport industry and the digital economy cooperate for the creation of a "Digital Test field highway" on the A9 in Bavaria.
  • IT security: In cooperation with the industry and the research, IT security standards for vehicles will be developed, to prevent hacker attacks. The standards are to be converted into binding rules.
  • Privacy: The operator of automated and connected vehicles must be informed about collection and use of data - and give their consent.

Mr. Dobrindt invited his fellow ministers from the G7 countries on Wednesday 16 September for a G7 Meeting of Transport Ministers in Frankfurt am Main where he presented this new strategy.

Read the “Strategy for automated and connected driving” (in German)