German, Spanish and European conferences on urban traffic management systems and ITS

POSSE is sharing knowledge about traffic management systems and ITS, specifically how to manage systems in a more integrated way and how to overcome vendor lock-in (being tied to one particular supplier for systems procurement/upgrading). The project will devise a guide to the implementation of open specifications and standards in traffic management and ITS. Several cities and road authorities around Europe are also creating plans for the implementation of open specifications and standards. 

A session on POSSE will be part of a wider German event on traffic management and ITS, organised by POSSE partner, OCA, in Düsseldorf on 1-2 October.

A Spanish workshop will take place in Madrid on Friday, 14 November.

The final POSSE conference and meeting of the POSSE Forum will be held in Brussels on 19 November.

Further information about these events can be found shortly on the POSSE website