FREVUE in Milan: freight, electric vehicles and a World EXPO

On Thursday 1st October, the FREVUE (FReight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe) partners met a few kilometers away from the site of the EXPO 2015 to exchange on the different demonstrations organised in the framework of the FREVUE project.

Ms Maria Berrini for the Mobility Agency of Milan (AMAT) presented the local activities implemented in the hosting city where the FREVUE project focuses on the delivery of pharmaceutical goods to the pharmacies located in the city-centre using a refrigerated electric van. Mr Sergio Fernandez, representing the City of Madrid, introduced the pilot activities of the Spanish Capital where four electric vans are currently operating using a renovated old fruits market as a consolidation centre. Finally, Ms Elin Skogens explained the measures implemented in Stockholm: a consolidation centre considering combined ‘reverse logistics’. Electric vehicles are planned to be used both for delivery and waste collection. These measures are also part of the Stockholm Freight Plan 2014-2017 (available here)

The session on the local FREVUE demonstrations was complemented with a presentation on electromobility in Italy and in Europe and with an introduction to the work of Logistics Companies, in the field of sustainable deliveries with electric vehicles.

In addition to the usual internal discussions, the project partners got the opportunity to visit Milan’s consolidation centre where the electric Nissan van operates. This refurbished and refigerated vehicle delivers medicines to the pharmacies of the city-centre.

The two-day meeting ended with a press conference at the EXPO 2015. The new project coordinator, Ms Tanja Dalle-Muenchmeyer (Cross River Partnership) and representatives of Milan, Madrid and Stockholm introduced the project and the different demonstrations to the journalists. The theme of the EXPO 2015 is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, and therefore, the activities implemented in Madrid were particularly relevant since one of the local partners ‘Pascual’ delivers dairy products.

The presentations of the FREVUE open meeting are available on FREVUE website, here.

You can read the article on the EXPO 2015 website.

FREVUE  is an EU project aiming at demonstrating and evaluating innovative solutions to using electric vehicles in ‘last mile’ deliveries across 8 major European cities.