French parliament fosters development EV charging stations in its territory

Forecasts on EVs in France dropped from 1.9 million to a range between 450 000 and 800 000 by 2020 and  French regulators decided to support demand for EV by providing adequate infrastructure on the entire territory.

The law passed in July 2014 offers tax exemption for any operators which builds, maintains or operates public EVs charging infrastructure as long as the charging points are located in at least two regions.

French regulators hope to support development of charging infrastructure without putting the financial burden on local authorities. It furthermore would increase demand for EVs and help national car manufacturers, accounting for 80% of market share.

The law should now be ratified by relevant ministry before it can enter into force. Surprisingly, this legislation passed before any debate on French energy transition package presented at the end of Juy and due to be discussed in autumn.

The energy transition package calls for cleaner transport modes by increasing direct subsidy to EV sales, should the costumer retrieve a diesel car and live in zone affected by poor air quality. The package announces a 7 million-charging point goal by 2030.

Preliminary report on state of the art (in French)

Final law to facilitate the deployment of a network for EV charging infrastructure on public space (in French)

Summary of proposal for energy transition (in French)

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