First modules of the "Bristol Method" available online

The "Bristol Metehod" aims at helping people in other cities understand and apply the lessons that Bristol has learned in becoming a more sustainable city, not just in 2015 but over the last decade. The Bristol Method is made up of a series of modules, or chapters. Each one is presented as an easy-to-digest ‘how to’ guide on a particular topic, which use Bristol’s experiences as a case study. The modules contain generic advice and recommendations that each reader can tailor to their own circumstances.

Modules include topics such as "How to use partnerships to drive change", or "How to protect and enhance green spaces in a city".

More information

Further information on the Bristol Method, the knowledge-transfer programme about becoming a more sustainable city can be found here. Further modules will be added here during the next 6 months. Full details of the latest news and forthcoming events can also be found on the Bristol 2015 website