First evaluation of Catalonia's new interurban bus network

3rd June 2013 saw the launch of a new line of the Catalonia BHLS’s network “expré”. This fifth line of the network connects Igualada and Barcelona in only 50 minutes with high commercial speed using highway A2. This new line is characterized by real time information at bus stops, ticketing integration in the ATM of Barcelona, and a low number of stops (2 in Igualada and 3 in Barcelona).

New vehicles are applied who increase the number available seats during peak hours - especially in the mornings which see high concentration of students and workers. The vehicles are 100% adapted for disabled people and offer free wifi for passengers.

Network evaluation after 7 months

The evaluation of the “expré” network is very positive after seven months. All lines are increasing the number of passengers carried, line e3 saw an increase of 7%, line e4 witnessed 10% more passengers.

Passenger numbers on lines e1 and e2 also increased significanctly since October 2012, however, these lines have been newly introduced with the, which hinders comparison. However, the increasing demand confirms the apprectiation of users who evaluate lines e1 and e2 with an average of more than 8 (out of 10) points in the satisfaction surveys.

More information:

Member in the Spotlight: The new interurban bus network in Catalonia with high level of service (BHLS) (4 December 2012)

Full report (in Spanish): click here.