First Edition CIVITAS Webinar Series MaaS - Recording and slides available

Maria Kamargianni of the MaaS Lab of the renown University College London introduced the concept of MaaS, and its relation to public transport and other modes. She talked about the potential impact of MaaS for user, citing evidence of a London case study. She carried on explaining the effects MaaS might impose on urban transport as a system.

Suzanne Hoadley of Polis explained the perspective of cities and regions on Mobility as a Service. She emphasised that transport authorities are obliged to deliver mobility services to their inhabitants. Thus, she suggested that they shall keep control of the developments related to MaaS ensuring that the quality and level of service can be maintained.

Vincent Neumayer of Wiener Linien talked about the exceptional case of Vienna, that established its own MaaS environment, including their own app company. He explained the framework in which the Vienna MaaS system is set up and the services Wiener Linien and their subsidy deliver to interested other cities and transport operators.

Stella Aaltonen of the City of Turku introduced the MaaS readiness indicator, which they developed in the CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project. She explained the indicators separately, emphasising the different dimensions of the matrix and their application. She carried on introducing first results of the pilot cities.

Please find the presentations and the recording of the webinar below

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