FINAL AGENDA AVAILABLE: Polis Air quality workshop, 26 November in Madrid

The Air Quality Workshop will first explore solutions for improving air quality through the specific angle of introducing cleaner vehicles. Presentations on the following proposals support the discussion: introducing new technology, notably electric vehicles; policy and regulatory tools at the disposal of local authorities; and fleet management. With a strong research component, these examples based on cities experience and best practices, offer solutions to reduce and to measure the impact of vehicles on air quality.

Secondly, a panel debate will broaden the perspective by discussing various angles of the challenges of air quality: health and alternative modes of transport that are less polluting such as walking and cycling, CO2 emissions, research and innovation and the legal framework at EU level that supports improvement in air quality in the transport sector.

The Panel debate "An integrated approach to the links between transport and air quality in cities" will be moderated by Mr. Hermann Heich (Heich Consult).

Invited panelists:

  • Mr. Philip Insall, Sustrans, with a contribution on “ Local air quality: the battle of the cities”
  • Mr. Juan Azcárate, Director Energy Agency of Madrid
  • Ms. Poppy Lyle, Greater London Authority’s (GLA) Senior Policy and Project Officer on Air Quality
  • Mr. Fabio Nussio, Rome Mobility Agency
  • Ms. Martine Meyer, Renault
  • Prof. Julio Lumbreras, UPM (Technical University of Madrid)

Outcome: The workshop serves as a basis for developing a Polis position paper on Air quality that willbe adopted in early 2015.

The agenda can be viewed here.

For more information, please visit the event webpage.