European Road Safety Charter: call for good practices extended to 15 April 2017

Between 2001 and 2010, Europe cut the number of road deaths by 43%, in spite of the increased traffic volumes, and has reduced it by another 18% since 2010. Every day, 70 people die in road crashes and many more suffer serious injuries. The Charter’s diverse community of members is made up of companies, associations, local authorities, research institutions, universities and schools.

The Charter aims to:

  • Encourage and support European associations, schools, universities, companies of all types and sizes, and local authorities to take actions for road safety in Europe.
  • Acknowledge contributions by civil society to road safety.
  • Facilitate civil society members in acquiring and sharing knowledge on road safety issues in the European Union.
  • Facilitate true dialogue for the transfer of road safety experiences and practices at all levels of governance in the European Union.


Polis is an active member of the European Road Safety Charter particularly on the following topics: capacity building & training; raising awareness; improving vehicles & infrastructure; providing alternative solutions.

The European Road Safety Charter has recently launched a call for good practices on road safety.

A good practice is a series of actions (activities, strategies, methodology, approach, technique, etc.) that has been proven to be successful in addressing road safety issues . By applying to be a good practice candidate, the organisation will be eligible to win the Excellence in Road Safety award.

If you have undertaken any projects that fall into this description, The European Road Safety Charter is happy to receive your application!

The extended deadline for submission of the good practice is the 15 April 2017. The next Award ceremony will be held in June 2017.

To apply visit here.