European Parliament TRAN committee vote on Clean Power for Transport Package

In January 2013, the European Commission proposed a Directive to ensure the roll-out of alternative fuels stations across the EU, with common standards to ensure EU wide mobility.

Tuesday's vote overall supports the initial Commission proposal:

  • It requests Member States to set national targets that are at least in line with the minimum requirements set by the Commission (Annex II);
  • It adds to the content of the national policy framework that each Member State must develop with amongst others provisions related to the reduction of urban congestion and the deployment of electrified public transport;
  • It supports the Commission's provisions regarding standards while introducing the notion of wireless recharging technologies;
  • It confirms the possibility to implement the Directive in a cost-neutral way, but also details the financial means available at EU level.

The Council is expected to adopt a General Approach at the Transport Council on 5 December.