European Commission launches first part of its long-awaited 'Mobility Package'

An overall communication (EUROPE ON THE MOVE - An agenda for a socially fair transition towards clean, competitive and connected mobility for all) is accompanied by a first series of 8 legislative initiatives specifically targeting road transport.

The Commission intends to promote seamless mobility solutions so that citizens and businesses can travel easily across Europe. For instance, interoperability between tolling systems will enable road users to drive throughout the EU without having to be concerned by different administrative formalities. Common specifications for public transport data will also allow passengers to better plan their journey and follow the best route even if it crosses a border.

A large part  of the mobility package is dedicated to social and employment conditions in the transport sector - a topic that is not followed-up by Polis.

This first batch of 8 proposals will be complemented over the next 12 months by other proposals, including on post-2020 emissions standards for cars and vans as well as the first-ever emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles. These proposals will further drive innovation; improve competitiveness, reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality and public health and increase the safety of transport.

Polis will issue over the next week a summary document for its members with the key-points from the communication and the legislative proposals. On the basis of a discussion with the Polis management committee, priorities for further policy activities and membership information will be determined.

For more information: Luana Bidasca, Polis Policy Officer,

The EC communication can be found here.