EUR 770,000 for cycling infrastructure in Aalborg

Since 2009, the City of Aalborg has improved cycling infrastructure to become a national Cycling City, and with economic support for the new cycling route to the industrial harbour, the development gets another boost.  The concept of high classed commuter routes was developed as part of the recently ended CIVITAS project, ARCHIMEDES and is now being extended to cover the whole city. This new route which is also known as the super cycling route, is the sixths high classed cycling route being implemented in Aalborg and  it has a total length of 6.2 kilometres. The total budget for the route is 1.5 million Euros divided equally between the city and the state.

In accordance with the concept, many different measures are being used to create free flow conditions and good service for the cyclists without compromising safety. Both regular cycle paths and cycling lanes will be established on the routes and roads will be partially closed for motorised traffic to increase safety for cyclists.

The network of high classed cycling routes established in Aalborg will also be the keystone in future work as a TIDE champion city.