EU published new Guidance for Cycling Projects

Where do I start? What measures are available? What are the impacts of cycling measures? What are the issues faced by my city? What has worked elsewhere? What will work in my city?  The guidance aims at helping practioners to answer these questions and offers multiples tools supported by 20 case studies.

The intended users of the guidance are practitioners in city authorities with responsibility for cycling and/or sustainable transport. It is hoped that it is also of interest and use for other stakeholders connected to cycling in cities.

The guidance brings together existing guidance on cycling infrastructure. The online, interactive tool enables easier searching, filtering and digestion of the information.

Users of this guidance for cycling projects in the EU are directed to relevant existing EC-funded projects, guidance, best practice and other publications that have been produced within Europe.

Where appropriate, high level advice is supported by the use of city case studies, which have been developed for the purposes of this guidance. Particular focus has been given to the collation of information and guidance on cycling measures, again supported by city case study information.