EU Procedure on Real Driving Emission Tests comes to an end

The current comitology results foresee that by September 2017, automakers will only be required to bring down the discrepancy to a “conformity factor” of  2.1 (110% of the legal limit). In January 2020, the conformity factor will be tightened to 1.5 (50% above the legal limit) applying to all new vehicles starting in January 2021.

A motion was made at the European Parliament in order to change the adopted comitology rules. this motion however was rejected by a very slim majority (323 votes to 317, with 61 abstentions).

After the VW Scandal, this vote is considered for many as a deception in respect with car manufacturers' commitment to new tests procedures and emission ceilings. In the meantime, an Inquiring Committee was deisgnated at the European Parliament to investigate Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector. This Committee should give its report within a 12 months timeframe.

Polis together with T&E and Eurocities were repeatedly opposed to these new rules, the discrepancy being acknolwedge as too lenient compared to what could be achieved with currently employed tests methods and procedures.


You can find the motion text rejected here

The Inquiry Committee page is accessible here

Polis/T&E/Eurocities open letter is accessible here