EPA and Polis host digital parking session at ITS Glasgow 2016

Ivo Cré, Polis, introduced the session with key-findings of the Polis study on the use of digital parking data. The parking client is currently not served, and is not projected to be served in the future. Public authorities have high hopes to use digital parking data for decision making beyond mobility, including urban development decisions.

Nigel Williams of the EPA board, and chair of directors of the British Parking Association highlighted in his presentation the issues that play in the UK, and in the EU, with specific reference to the complexity of parking data standardisation, based upon his experiences in developing the IPIPS standard on parking payment.

Theo Thuis, Chief Operations Officer of Q-Park Holding presented his company's new vision for blurring off- and on-street, and providing integrated services, within and beyond the company's own assets. He advocated openness, and cooperation as the only way a fragmented market can define common solutions.

Robert de Beukelaer of Agendum presented the digital enforcement back-office his company provides, with direct links to operational, tactical and strategic decision making with regards to parking and mobility policy. This Dutch experience is transfered to other European cities, with great success.

Finally, Monica Giannini of IRU projects presented two successful parking platform pilots, one on truck parking and one on coach parking. The platforms are operational in 2016, and provide a much-needed service to professional drivers. Additional services can be connected over time.

Presentations of the session will be avaialble online soon.

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