EC's C-ITS Deployment Platform delivers final report

The ten WGs addressed a mix of technical and non-technical issues:


  • WG1: Cost-benefit analysis
  • WG2: business case
  • WG3: legal issues
  • WG4: data protection and privacy
  • WG5: security and certification
  • WG6: access to in-vehicle data and resources; decentralized congestion control; hybrid communication and spectrum allocation;
  • WG 7: Standardisation
  • WG8: Public acceptance
  • WG9: Implementation issues
  • WG10: International cooperation


Polis was part of WG1 and WG9. Within WG1, an EC-funded cost-benefit analysis study was the main focus of the work. The main conclusions of this study were that i) a return on investment in making C-ITS happen would only start to be seen after a number of years; (ii) benefits and return would be delivered more quickly if services are implemented together (ie, bundled) rather than spread out over time.

Some progress has been made in particular on the more thorny technical issues, such as access to in-vehicle data and data protection and privacy. However, it was recognized that further discussion and agreement is needed. Hence some of the Working Groups will be maintained in a second phase of the C-ITS Deployment Platform. Additional Working Groups will address automation, the role of C-ITS in wider mobility developments (big data, Mobility as a service) and deployment issues.

For further information about this platform, contact Suzanne Hoadley