ECOSTARS Forum "Cleaner Fleets: Authority meets Operator" - presentations now online

Attendees of the ECOSTARS Forum on 19 March

More than 50 participants, among them many representatives of local authorities and fleet operators, attended the final ECOSTARS event in Santander, Spain. Project partners in the ECOSTARS Europe project presented evidence and successes from local schemes, and spoke to participants about how the scheme could be further developed in the future.

Local partners CTL Cantabria and representatives from the regional government of Cantabria handed out certifications to local operators as well as ECOSTARS awards to those who had achieved a 5-star rating.

Operators and local authorities also conducted a scenario exercise which allowed both sides to discuss factors for success as well as incentives to set up or join the scheme - authorities met operators, just as the title of the conference indicated.

The Forum ended with a site visit to local bus operator ALSA's facilities in Santander.

Presentations from the ECOSTARS Forum are available for download here.