EC-wide multimodal information and integrated ticketing

The purpose of study is to analyse the market to understand the supply and demand for pan-European travel information.  The study is lead by Amadeus and involves a wide range of partners from transport operators (mainly rail) and the travel industry. The study will:

-         assess the market today, its projected growth and drivers for future development (technological socio-economic etc);

-         develop two scenarios: one based on a market-based approach and the other involving EU political intervention;

-         analyse the economic and social impacts of the scenarios (cost-benefit analysis, societal benefits, etc) and the potential barriers and limitations


The study to be completed by November 2013 and the next workshop will most likely take place in December.


The stakeholder discussion that followed highlighted a number of points, notably:

-         the importance of investigating the last mile (if the journey planner is to be door-to-door),

-         ensuring that interurban buses & coaches are considered (not just air and rail transport)

-         data privacy issues

-         the need to treat information and ticketing separately as a combined service may well be too complex

-         the need for the impact assessment activities to assess the impact of EU-wide multimodal information on the vast majority of travellers who undertake local, short and mono-modal trips


On the basis of the study findings, the EC will decide which action to take.