EC strategy on C-ITS deployment is published

The areas and actions set out in the strategy are summarised below:

  • C-ITS services: all stakeholders are encouraged to deploy the Day 1 services and to take advantage of various EC funding instruments for this purpose. The development of the Day 1.5 services will continue through the C-ITS Deployment Platform.
  • Security: efforts to develop a common security and certification policy will continue within the platform requiring the involvement of all deployment initiatives and culminating in the publication of guidance in 2017.
  • Data privacy: all C-ITS broadcast by the vehicle will quality as personal data and therefore requires compliance with the data protection legal framework. The EC will publish guidance in 2018.
  • Communication technologies: the EC is promoting a hybrid approach (short range/ITS G5 and long range/cellular) and will protect the short-range frequency (ITS G5) from interference.
  • Interoperability: to ensure interoperability of services across borders, deployment initiatives are encouraged to publish their technical communication profiles. The new C-Roads platform will be the main vehicle through which to achieve this interoperability.
  • Compliance assessment: a compliance assessment process will be developed.

To download the full strategy, click here.