Do you know 'talent in mobility'? - deadline 8 April

The award is presented by the organisers of the 'Transports Publics' conference, that will take place in Paris from 14-16 June.

You almost certainly have some Talent to suggest to us from among those working with your enterprise, startup, local authority, institution or association! The award is given in five categories:

Best project manager

This prize will be awarded to a player (project manager, head of department, etc.) who has shown themselves to be particularly outstanding in the creation, design and completion of a project.
They will have shown themselves to be: a leader, a good project manager, a good motivator, a good team leader.

Best manager

This prize will be awarded to a recognised manager or decision-maker in the sector, who in addition to their technical skills used in their job, has put into play undisputed managerial qualities: they will have coordinated all the internal and external stakeholders in a project, successfully conducted an outstanding and/or innovative project, and proved their high level of commitment to mobility.

Special career service award

This award will go to a recognised national or European personality for services rendered to the sector throughout their career. This individual must have made a particular mark on the world of public transport in terms of a contribution, production, practical achievement, advance, innovation, unifying action or other success. They must be unequivocally committed to sustainable mobility.

Internet users' award

The winner of this prize will be determined by a vote by professionals on the Exhibition website. A shortlist of nominees will be presented for each category. The winner will be determined by the total number of votes cast for all categories.

The call for candidates for the awards is open to anyone, anywhere in Europe: whether you're part of a company, a startup, a local authority, an institution or a non-profit body, you can suggest 'Talent' deserving of an award, through until the April 8 deadline.

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