Delivering improved interoperability of urban ITS

POSSE is a 3-year project co-funded by the Interreg IVC programme which promotes knowledge sharing on open specifications and standards (OSS) for urban ITS. Coordinated by Reading Borough Council, the project involved numerous city authorites and other road authorities around Europe. Polis played the role of dissemination coordinator.

There benefits of open specifications and standards include:

  • Improved integration of ITS which enables more efficient traffic operations
  • Cost reductions, particularly for traffic controllers
  • Better innovation in product terms and in the emergence of new sectors
  • Simplification of tendering procedures, due to the impartial technical specifications and transferability of tendering documents

A summary of the main project conclusions can be found here.

To download the main POSSE reports, such as the guide to developing and implementing OSS or the exploitation plan, please visit the website.