COVID-19 Tailored Technical Meetings: A new service for POLIS members

There is no precedent to the current COVID-19 crisis. Without any existing guidance, cities and regions have had to act fast in making sure that essential mobility services are safeguarded, that travelling on public transport and in public space are adapted to new health and safety requirements and that sustainable mobility objectives are not jeopardised.

In times like these, talking to and learning from your peers and colleagues in other cities and regions is more valuable than ever. While our COVID-19 webinars already share good practices from our members on a wide range of COVID-19 mobility solutions, we now also want to offer you a platform to have interactive and focused technical discussions with a small group of colleagues from other cities on very specific measures, e.g. infrastructure interventions for emergency bike lanes, principles for respacing roads, public transport health & safety procedures, communication strategies, etc.

Do you have a very concrete question you would like to run by your European colleagues? Are you looking for expert feedback from colleagues on a specific measure you have in mind? Would you like to know all details about a solution you have seen implemented elsewhere?

Get in touch with POLIS with your specific request and we would be more than happy to get in touch with relevant colleagues from other member cities and regions, and set up such a tailored technical meeting for you! Please contact Karen Vancluysen to discuss this further.

The first Tailored Technical Meeting will take place on Wednesday 20 May at 10:00 CEST. Members can find out more and register here.

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