Cooperative ITS workshops for cities

C-the Difference workshop – 5 June 2018 (afternoon)

On 5 June, C-the Difference will hold its final City Twinning workshop bringing together representatives from city and regional road authorities/operators with the aim to foster knowledge sharing about urban C-ITS. This workshop will provide insight to the lessons learnt and the initial results of the Helmond and Bordeaux pilots and will share testimonies from cities as well as users.

Local authorities need robust and neutral information they can trust on the actual impact of C-ITS services; therefore, first evaluation results will be explained. Building on this, a panel discussion and interactive session will address the scaling up of service deployment and the expected benefits according to local mobility policy needs such as traffic efficiency, safety and environmental impact. Live demonstrations will be organised on public roads at the Bordeaux pilot site.

Further information about this workshop will be available soon at

Urban C-ITS roundtable – 6 June 2018 (all day)

Three leading European C-ITS initiatives supported by the European Commission (urban C-ITS pilot projects “C-The Difference” and “C-MobILE” together with the C-Roads Platform for C-ITS deployment on national and regional roads) are organising a joint workshop to strengthen commitment and to build momentum for a larger scale deployment of C-ITS in Europe.

The roundtable has three main objectives:

1. to ease the integration of urban nodes into pan-European C-ITS corridors, and promote expansion to

cities and regions;

2. to share lessons learnt by frontrunner cities and road operators, and transfer knowledge of C-ITS’ contribution to policy goals and to improved performance of road transport and urban mobility;

3. to foster discussion about the scaling up of C-ITS services in European cities

The programme will involve contributions from the European Parliament, European Commission (DG MOVE), European Commission (DG MOVE), the C-ROADS Platform and from a variety of cities on their C-ITS experiences. There will also be a live demonstration of C-ITS in Bordeaux as well as an interactive session on urban C-ITS services.

For further information about the roundable, click here and register online here.