Complete multilingual website with full details of Low Emission Zones, Urban Road Charging and other city Access Regulations

Many cities have Urban Access Regulation Schemes (ARS) as part of measures to reduce congestion, air pollution and noise. This might be by a congestion charge, a Low Emission Zone where cleaner vehicles can enter or by limiting the times different types of vehicles can enter. However, those who need to bring goods, services and people into the city by vehicle need to know how to gain access. Coach operators need to know where they can bring tourists, those delivering goods need to know when, or with what vehicle, they can deliver. is the solution vehicle operators have long called for and the only resource of its kind. It gives all the information that vehicle operators need in one place. Questions like: Where are these zones? Can our vehicles drive into them? Do I have to register before I drive in, if so where? How much does it cost? All these details and more are answered in a user-friendly, regularly updated website with 1 click from the homepage.

Now for the first time, information on the main access regulations in Europe's towns and cities are collected together in a clear and comprehensive way, as well as in your language. For example the Rome ZTL, the London Lorry Control Scheme or Budapest's protected and restricted zones, and many more. provides details of the 268 Low Emission Zones in Europe and the 14 urban road charging schemes.

Now it also gives full information on 42 major access regulation schemes, and will provide details of more schemes in the coming months. Now details of 8000 towns and cities with access, weight, height, width or length restrictions, are now available on on fully interactive GIS maps.
Only will tell you where you have to register or get a sticker or permit, who is exempt, the emissions standards you need to meet, how the scheme will change in the future, where and how to pay, for all schemes in Europe.

Need information on the move? is now optimised to work well for smartphones and tablets, as accessible as you would expect from an app, to make information easily available on the move. It has a fully interactive map to help you navigate the website too.
CLARS also provides support to towns and cities in operating Access Regulation Schemes, with a free members platform for public authorities. This platform helps support authorities operating urban access regulations, by best practice, sharing experience and knowledge.

Lucy Sadler says "It is important to us that users can rely on the information we provide, so it is constantly checked and updated. It is also important to us that the website is user-friendly, so information is given within 1 click from our homepage. We provide an interactive GIS map so the cities of interest are easily found, we also have a quick guide look-up table providing an overview of the schemes on our homepage so that visitors can immediately get the information they need."

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