Cocities experts roundtable on integrated multimodal cooperative information at Intertraffic

Participation is free, Room G103,  Intertraffic Amsterdam RAI

The Round Table of Experts will discuss how to implement integrated multimodal information under different ancillary conditions in Europe - from organisational and technical perspective.

Co-Cities implements multimodal interfaces in a city or region utilising the Co-Cities Commonly Agreed Interface – the CAI – which provide available data and information in standardised formats (e.g. DATEX II) utilising state of the art common web technologies for access. The CAI not only enables a city to publish its data in an easy and cost efficient way, it also provides means to receive user feedback which enables countless possibilities, from reporting broken street lights to commenting on a specific information service, if used carefully.

Cities like Bilbao, Florence and its region, Treviso and Reading have joined the Co-Cities Forum, and Madrid will attend the roundtable explaining its interest.

Take the chance to understand the reasons,have a look at the technolgy and how the services were organised in complex bureaucratic environments.

See more about the event here, and consult the roundtable agenda.

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