Co-creating mobility solutions at the neighborhood level: the SUNRISE experience

SUNRISE shares its findings in a new publication now available!

After four years of research and fieldwork experiences of working with citizens at the neighbourhood level, the SUNRISE project provides key-recommendations in a new brochure titled “Making the change Co-creating mobility solutions at the neighborhood level”.

People living in six neighbourhoods within the six SUNRISE pilot cities of Bremen, Budapest, Jerusalem, Malmö, Southend-on-Sea and Thessaloniki were empowered with co-creation techniques to tackle what they perceived as the most pressing mobility challenges. This brochure describes the actual change that occurred in the six SUNRISE neighbourhoods and the processes that led to them. The core focus is made of the so-called “tales of the cities” highlighting drivers, barriers and stories of involving citizens at every step of the co-creation process. Each city’s story is then linked to SUNRISE’s “Sunbeams” which represent the essence of the SUNRISE project.

The final part of this publication contains a forward-looking message towards the European Commission, policy makers, local authorities and other stakeholders interested in making use of citizen-driven planning methods to deliver sustainable mobility measures in local areas.

Read the full document here.


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