Clean Power for Transport Conference 21st October 2013

The European Commission has recently released a Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in Europe requiring Member States to adopt national policy frameworks for the market development of alternative fuelsand their infrastructure, set minimum binding targets for the build-up of alternative fuel infrastructure, including commontechnical specifications, and redefining fuel labelling at refuelling points.

The European Commission is currently negotiating the draft directive with fellow EU institutions and the European Parliament will vote on the CPT on the 14th of November.

The 'Moving Europe forward with clean transport fuels' conference will provide a platform to discuss the directive and the challenges and opportunities to install alternative fuel infrastructure across Europe. 
The all day event will start off with a speech by Transport and Mobility Director General Matthias Reute and followed by a roundtable discussion with Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas and Transport Ministers from Germany, Finland, Poland and Spain and the EP CPT Rapporteur Carlo Fidanza and EESC CPT Rapporteur Stefan Back.

In the afternoon, discussions about alternative fuels around the world will be moderated by Olivier Onidi andparticipated by government officials from China, Japan, Korea, Russia and the USAIn the final session, there will be a discussion about financing alternative fuel infrastructure and representatives from the Private Sector including Autolib, EIB and Total.

To see the full conference agenda please click here.