CIVITAS SATELLITE gathering CIVITAS 2020 Community for the first time in Gdynia

It is clear that this coordination will be a challenging but very interesting task, which puts Polis even more at the heart of urban mobility research and innovation in Europe.

Back to back with the CIVITAS Forum in Gdynia, Polis organized the first SATELLITE coordination meeting, bringing all project coordinators of CIVITAS 2020 project around the table for the first time. It allowed all projects to be informed about the other projects running under the CIVITAS umbrella and to discover potential areas for cooperation and joining forces.

The ultimate aim of this exercise is really to make sure that urban mobility research and innovation is addressed in an integrated way, building on existing and emerging tools and concepts and establishing good and lasting partnerships between public and private players. This should ensure on the one hand that the tools and instruments being developed within the context of these projects really meet the needs and policy objectives of cities, and on the other hand that the private stakeholders developing these instruments can better reach and more directly engage with the ultimate target group of the innovative urban transport solutions they develop, i.e. local and regional authorities in charge of urban transport.

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