CIVITAS projects addressing urban road congestion join forces at the CIVITAS Forum Conference

With the launch of CIVITAS 2020 in 2014, ten new research and innovation projects joined the CIVITAS community. This created the opportunity to stimulate exchange and learning opportunities among the (current) CIVITAS community of urban mobility practitioners and the “new” members working on research and innovation projects on key urban mobility challenges.

Three Horizon 2020 “sister” projects addressing the topic of tackling urban road congestion kicked off in summer 2015. The three – FLOW, TRACE and CREATE – are combining forces at CIVITAS Forum Conference to present three different perspectives on reducing urban congestion in European cities through increasing walking and cycling and making cities more liveable. In brief the projects are:

  • FLOW: Representing non-motorised transport accurately in transport modelling so that its true effects on congestion can be analysed
  • TRACE: Using tracking tools to address traditional challenges of cycling and walking promotion and assessing their potential role in awareness raising
  • CREATE: Looking at historical patterns of car use in cities and identifying factors successful in encouraging modal shift to non-motorised modes

The activities and lessons from the three projects will be presented in Session 20 on Friday, September 30, 09:30-11:00, also highlighting the cooperation activities that have taken place and those that are planned. The session is named Tackling congestion by better investing in more sustainable means of transport.

In addition, the three projects are also joining forces at a common stand, inviting as well the EMPOWER project (Empowering a reduction in use of conventionally fueled vehicles using Positive Policy Measures).

We invite to visit the stand and attend the presentation of these projects.