CIVITAS 2MOVE2 project launched in Stuttgart

The “2MOVE2” project partner cities implement the following measures:

  • Brno (Czech Republic) plans to offer public transport with electric minibuses.
  • Tel-Aviv (Israel) will develop transport solutions for high density employment areas.
  • Malaga (Spain) aims to promote cycling by offering a bike-rental system.
  • Stuttgart (Germany) will implement a test track for emission based traffic control.

The Technion Institute (Israel), the public transport company of Brno DPMB, the German company SSP Consult and the University of Stuttgart complete the consortium. The official kick-off meeting of 2MOVE2 took place from 31 January -1 February 2013 in Stuttgart. The political kick-off meeting of 2MOVE2 will be held on June 18 2013, also in Stuttgart.

CIVITAS is an EU initiative for supporting and evaluating the implementation of integrated sustainable and energy efficient urban transport strategies in European cities. The current phase (CIVITAS PLUS II) focuses on designing, implementing and testing innovative strategies for sustainable urban transport aiming a small number of welldefined, integrated projects. The measures in the participating cities range from energy efficient vehicles and ICT tools for traffic management to the promotion of soft modes, like cycling and walking.