CityMobil2 to be inaugurated in La Rochelle (FR)

In continuation of this first experiment of CityMobil (2006-2011) the Urban Community and the City of La Rochelle, EIGSI and Proxiway were selected out of twelve European sites to conduct a large-scale demonstration of automated vehicles as part of the European CityMobil2 project.

This is the first demonstration of this scale in Europe.

Since March 2014, the project partners are preparing to welcome in the best conditions these vehicles of the future by working both on the technical aspects (arrangements ...) and legal (regulation, insurance). Intensive phase tracking (itinerary, environment ...) with the first vehicles included in October and November.

The demonstration will run until March 2015, with 6 automated electric vehicles expected to be made available to the public.

Please visit CityMobil2 website and its dedicated page on La Rochelle demo