CityMobil2 launches website

The website contains all relevant information about the project and will during the next four years be updated with news and relevant events. Keep yourself updated on activities going on in the field of automated road transport systems.

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What is CityMobil2 about?

CityMobil2 is setting up a pilot platform for automated road transport systems, which will be implemented in several urban environments across Europe. Automated transport systems are made up of vehicles operating without a driver in collective mode. They are deemed to play a useful role in the transport mix as they can supply a good transport service (individual or collective) in areas of low or dispersed demand complementing the main public transport network. A dozen local authorities or equivalent sites are in the bidding to be one of the five sites to host a 6-month demonstration. All recognise the potential of vehicle automation as part of their public transport network. Two sets of six vehicles each for the demonstrations will be supplied by two of the five manufacturers within the project. The project will procure the vehicles and make them available to the selected pilot sites for the duration of the demonstrations.

In addition to the pilot activities, research will be undertaken into the technical, financial, cultural, and behavioural aspects and effects on land use policies and how new systems can fit into existing infrastructure in different cities. The legal issues surrounding automated transport will also be addressed leading to a proposed framework for certifying automated transport systems.

CityMobil2 started in September 2012 and will run for 4 years and has 45 partners drawn from system suppliers, city authorities (and local partners), the research community and networking organisations.

Polis is in charge of dissemination and communication of the project and Polis members Brussels and Milan are project partners.