City of Rotterdam elected as Polis president

“Rotterdam would like to make a significant and ongoing contribution to the Polis network. Together we can conduct a constructive dialogue between cities and with European organisations in the fields of sustainability and transport”, said Stella Leijten, Head of Transport, City of Rotterdam. “In our role as president of Polis we will also focus on bridging the gap between public interest and private initiative.”

Rotterdam has been promoting sustainable transport for many years, both locally and through cooperation across borders. Outstanding initiatives include the city’s ambitious plan for zero emission urban logistics by 2020, Rotterdam’s electromobility and charging infrastructure strategy, and its ITS activities.

At the General Assembly, the cities of Bilbao and Toulouse, and the region of Île-de-France were also elected to join the Management Committee of Polis, while the city of Pisa was appointed as vice-president.

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