City of Brussels has a new pedestrian zone

The City of Brussels has adopted a new circulation plan which offers an extensive pedestrian zone, more cycle paths, adapted public transport and less transit traffic.

As of Monday, 29 June 2015 the area of ​​the pedestrian zone doubled: 11,3 hectares became over 20 hectares. Many streets are being added to the existing pedestrian zone. Traffic in the so called Pentagon is changing.

The traffic plan test phase will run from summer 2015 for eight months. During the test phase the city will monitor the traffic situation and will make an evaluation of the Plan's effects together with all users: residents, road users, shop keepers, etc. Based on the evaluation, the city will refine the circulation plan inside the the ring area (Pentagon) in 2016. The final reconstruction of the streets and public squares is therefore planned between 2016 and 2020.

The Plan was implemented by the City of Brussels, and was strongly supported by Polis member Brussels-Capital Region.

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