CHAMP Final Workshop - Save the Date! 11-12 September 2014, Gent

The CHAMP project gathers leading cities in the field of cycling. Within CHAMP, they have looked at innovative ways to further boost cycling in their cities and enhance their local policies.

CHAMP has developed and tested a performance analysis tool, building on self-analysis as well as peer review by other cities. It allows cities to identify strengths and weaknesses in their cycling policies, summarising what has already been achieved, indicating what can still be added as a baseline for new goals, and putting cities on track towards further improvements in their cycling policy. The CHAMP workshop will illustrate how the CHAMP cities have taken their ambitions forward on the basis of the aforementioned analyses, while highlighting that being a champion in cycling brings along its own specific challenges.

The workshop will also present the results of the innovative cycling measures that have been implemented in the respective CHAMP cities, as well as the strategic project conclusions and policy recommendations that can be adopted by other cities with cycling ambitions. Measures that were implemented in CHAMP include route based cycling promotion, creative bike parking solutions, bicycle accounts, innovative awareness raising and marketing campaigns for different target groups, and user involvement strategies.

Get ready for a workshop with innovative showcases from CHAMP cities, interactive policy debates, hands-on tools to take cycling to the next level in your city, and a guided cycling tour through the city of Gent!

The detailed agenda will be made available within the next weeks.

The cities of Bolzano, Burgos, Edinburgh, Groningen, Kaunas, Ljublana, Örebro, and Shkodra look forward to welcoming you in Gent!

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