CH4LLENGE launches online course on participation in SUMP development

Involving stakeholders and the public is a precondition for sustainable urban mobility and supports the development of a more effective, efficient and accepted Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). The online course gives an overview about the relevance of participation in SUMP preparation and provides insights into managing participatory transport planning, identifying stakeholders and working with interested parties, the public and the media. It explores how to select appropriate involvement formats and looks at the practical work of conducting a participation process. By the end of this course, you will have gained comprehensive knowledge about how to successfully engage citizens and stakeholders in SUMP development.

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Did you know that CH4LLENGE also offers a “SUMP Basics” online course? This course gives an overview of the SUMP concept and its benefits, describes the ever-growing importance of SUMPs in Europe and has a closer look at the SUMP development process as well as the challenges cities often face when developing and implementing a SUMP.

All CH4LLENGE online courses are self-paced, allowing you to complete it on a schedule that works for you. The courses are open to participants from cities and regions across Europe (and even beyond) and are free of charge. They are intended for those working in the field of urban mobility (e.g. transport planners, mobility experts, students and young professionals). No detailed pre-knowledge of the topic is required.

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Participation in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning - How to successfully engage citizens and stakeholders in SUMP development

  • Run dates: 13 April – extended to 25 May 2015 (you can still join this course!)

Institutional Cooperation in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning - How to collaborate and work jointly within and across organisations in order to develop and implement a SUMP

  • Run dates: 13 May – 10 June 2015

Measure selection for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning - Approaches and evidence on identifying measures

  • Run dates: 29 July – 26 August 2015

Monitoring and Evaluation in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning - How to assess the impact of measures and evaluating the mobility planning process

  • Run dates: September 2015 (dates to be announced soon)

SUMP Basics – Introduction to Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

  • Run dates: available on-demand (continuously)