Catalunya opens new bus express line to connect Barcelona with Vall del Tenes

The bus has 12 return trips per day. It connects one of the main transport interchanges, Barcelona – Sagrera with Vall de Tenes. This will allow people to coordinate with other public transport easily: metro lines, train, buses and bicycle.

  • This new express line is integrated with the regional tariff system and benefits from recent improvements such as:
  • Realtime information: The line is equipped with 5 dynamic information screens fitted within each bus shelter. In addition, onboard information is provided with monitors where real time information is mostly given.
  • Accessible vehicle: the Expré network has many facilities for disabled persons.
  • Wifi and newspapers for free.
  • Designer image: distinguishing image of the service which helps to indentify the network.

The Diputació de Barcelona and the city councils have engaged in accessibility improvements at bus stops. Eight bus stops have been renovated in a first phase.

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Prior to and after from “Cruïlla de Calder” bus station in Llicà d’Amunt