Call for Cities and Regions to Participate in the Co-cities PRIME Initiative - provide integrated multimodal transport information to your citizens

The Co-Cities consortium is launching a call for cities and regions to apply for taking part in the Co-Cities PRIME initiative.

Co-Cities is a pilot project funded by the EC under the ICT PSP Programme which aims at introducing and validating cooperative mobility services in cities and urban areas.  Co-Cities provides traffic information services to the end user via the Co-Cities App. Additionally it develops a dynamic “feedback loop” from mobile users and travellers to the cities’ traffic management centres, allowing users to give feedback on received services as well as to provide new information.  The information provision and the feedback loop is based on the Commonly Agreed standardised Interface (CAI). It is a harmonised interface between operators, data providers and service providers (B2B interface). Currently, the following cities/regions have implemented the CAI: Bilbao, Brno, Bucharest, Florence / Tuscany Region, Munich, Oslo, Prague, Reading, Treviso, Vienna.

The PRIME (Provide Improved Mobility Experiences) initiative aims at cities and regions which want to provide information to the end users and set up mobility services in their area. Due to the interest demonstrated by various stakeholders in CAI and the feedback loop, the Co-Cities consortium decided to give the opportunity to cities and regions to install the CAI, which led to the launch of the Co-Cities PRIME initiative.


Why applying for the Co-Cities PRIME?

The Co-Cities PRIME offers the opportunity to:

  • benefit from a unique possibility to provide integrated multimodal transport information to your citizens
  • equip your information systems with the Commonly Agreed Interface supported by an experienced technology provider who is partner in the Co-Cities project
  • get all this with up to 50% of the implementation costs contributed by the Co-Cities project


Who can apply for the Co-Cities PRIME?

City administrations, urban transport authorities or city representatives are invited to participate.


How to apply for the Co-Cities PRIME?

Fill in the application form in considerable detail to allow the Co-cities consortium to be able to evaluate it. The signed application form should be submitted to the PRIME team either via email to or by post to

AustriaTech GmbH

Robert Ebner

Donau-City-Straße 1, A-1220 Wien


To find out more about the technical requirements, the evaluation criteria and the post-implementation period, as well as the Co-Cities PRIME initiative, please refer to the document and to the Co-cities website.