Brussels Regional Parking Plan adopted

The most visible tool that is introduced is the residential parking permit that is no longer organised at a municipal level, but gives permission to park within a radius of 1,5 km from the home address (even if this would be cross-district borders). The card is quite cheap (5 euros), but a second card is more expensive (50), and additional cards cost 200 euros. There are currently Brussels districts who don't charge for parking.

The plan offers professional car users (doctors, nurses) the opportunity to buy a region wide parking permit for 75 euros. Skilled trades such as plumbers and electricians can park for three hours for free in the vicinity of their activities.

The Brussels region aims at increasing the level of controlled parking spaces by 16% towards 2018. Currently the region as 293.000 controlled parkings paces. On street capacity that dissappears should be compensated with off street facilities. The 19 Brussels districts have to commit to develop local parking action plans.