Bike share takes off

Statement of Support for bike-sharing schemes in our communities

The political statement of support for bike sharing schemes was signed by 7 politicians from 5 countries. So far, five other politicians have also signed but could not be present and other politicians across Europe are being invited to also sign the statement.

Among other things, the statement urges cities to consider setting up a bike sharing system. VeloCittá will present it to the European Commission and the European Parliament, and will hopefully lead to more policy as well as financial level support from European institutions. See statement text here.

VeloCittá is seeking more political signatures to the ‘Statement of Support’. Please return any signatures to Renske Martijnse - Hartikka and Oliver Hatch.

VeloCittá conference 2016

The conference took place on November 30 in Rotterdam and marked the sparkling end of the 3-year European VeloCittá project.

The conference delegates came from more than 25 countries, highlighting the surge of interest in bike sharing in recent years. It also shows that cities and other stakeholders still have many “black spots” when it comes to this topic. The conference addressed the most asked questions about bike share.

Participants could learn from the 5 VeloCittá cities of Krakow, Burgos, London, Szeged and Padua, who described how well targeted, professional marketing campaigns make a significant difference in user levels and satisfaction.

10 Golden Rules for bike share

Inspiring keynote speakers from the USA, Spain and Ireland emphasized among others the importance of stakeholder cooperation, proper and long-term planning and securing financing from various sources. Their views largely overlap with the 10 Golden Rules that were produced within VeloCittá

Judging by the enthusiastic reactions and listening to the lively interactions between participants in the informal Lunch and Learn session for local and regional authorities, the conference was a big success. In the meantime, the consortium provides many useful documents on bike sharing, to be found on the website and in the workspace:

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