Benefits and the challenges of adopting open systems analysed in the POSSE project

The findings of the users’ studies of city authorities and other authorities using UTMC or OCIT/OTS will inform the guide to the implementation of open systems, due in 2014, as well as national or local plans to implement open specifications and systems in other parts of Europe. The benefits of open specifications and standards for cities will be presented in detail at the Annual Polis Conference on 04 December by Rob McDonald representing the project leader Reading Borough Council. Interested stakeholders are welcome to attend as well the common stand of UTMC, OCA and POSSE at the Annual Polis Conference where material and information will be available about the project as well as about each of the open systems frameworks.

The full range of benefits, as well as challenges, can be viewed on the POSSE website. The website provides also updates on developments within the transfer sites and a summary of city examples from the Existing Users’ Studies as well as recent POSSE news and relevant events. Key information about POSSE is available in German, Italian, Lithuanian, Spanish and Norwegian and the complete website is available in Czech.

The second meeting of the POSSE Open ITS Systems Forum will take place on 3 December in Brussels. The Forum was set up to raise awareness and promote dialogue on open systems with a wide group of stakeholders. The agenda of the meeting is available under the News&Events section of POSSE website.

More information about POSSE is available at

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