BDTI materials now available in all 24 EU languages

Interested in making data an effective tool for European governance? Good news! Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) is here to help, with promotional materials now available in all 24 official EU languages. Find out all that BDTI has to offer below.

Created by the European Commission in 2019, BDTI offers a wide range of resources to support public administrators in their data analytics journey. From its value demonstrator and self-paced labs to its use cases, webinars, GitHub repositories, and BDTI Canva, BDTI is committed to helping Europe's public sector build effective data use cases.

BDTI is funded by the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), which aims to accelerate economic recovery and drive Europe's digital transformation, increasing the availability, quality, and usability of public sector information in compliance with the requirement of the Open Data Directive. As one of the activities supporting the implementation of the European Data Strategy, the DEP strives to create a single market for data, transforming data into a force for economic and social improvement in Europe while protecting the control of companies and individuals over their data.

BDTI: Now available in your language!

Recently, all BDTI promotional material was translated into each of the 24 official EU languages. It can be accessed on the resources section of BDTI's website. More information about this project is available here.

Feel free to share the good news with your network so that they too can get to know BDTI in their language!

New updates and features to bring data closer to you

The BDTI has also introduced several new updates to the resources section of their website, including:

By engaging with and disseminating these new BDTI features, you can play a pivotal role in enhancing the data analytics capabilities of Europe's public sector, thereby contributing to a more efficient, innovative, and interconnected Europe.

Want to find out more? Take a look at BDTI's website and subscribe to the BDTI Joinup page, a community hub for public administrations, businesses, and citizens to share and reuse IT solutions, communicate, and collaborate on IT projects across Europe. You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about all BDTI activities.


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