ASSURED workshop 27/09 in Bilbao - Deployment of e-trucks in urban logistics

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The ASSURED project aims at boosting the electrification of urban commercial vehicles and their integration with high power fast charging infrastructure. To achieve this, ASSURED will test number of electric buses, waste collection and delivery trucks as well as one light commercial delivery vehicle with automatic fast charging solutions.

The goal is to showcase the interoperability between different brands of vehicles and charging solutions, providing more flexibility to the public transport and freight providers in their daily operations. More information here:

The aim of this workshop is to address interoperability and shared infrastructure from two different perspectives, i.e. governance and operations:

  • Governance and policy: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) Guidelines on planning for electric road mobility solutions in urban areas, with a focus on the charging (shared) infrastructure for heavy-duty vehicles, and the integration of electrification strategies. Presentation of the e-mobility strategy and the cross-sectorial & multi-governance approach of Bilbao.
  • Operations: general elements supporting fast charging infrastructure for urban logistics vehicles. Presentation of application in Amsterdam, ASSURED Volvo Case, addressing interoperability b/w e-trucks and e-buses sharing the same fast charging infrastructure, and the role of charging stations for electrification of Bilbao’s fleet.

To facilitate the participation of interested cities and relevant stakeholders, we can offer the possibility to get reimbursed for your expenses (limited availability).

Contact persons: Giacomo Lozzi, Polis Network; Sabina ASANOVA, VUB

NOTE: If you are a Polis member: Polis is organising the 1st meeting of the Small and Medium Cities Platform on the 25th, and the Clean Vehicles Working Group on the 26th, both in Bilbao. If you want to attend, please tick the corresponding boxes in the registration form.