4 European Consultations on road transport: vehicle tolling and CO2 emissions

In line with the previous official publication of the low emission mobility strategy unveiled by the European Commission on July 20th and the upcoming road package, the European Commission intends to collect stakeholders thoughts around two legislative modifications:

  • The revision of the of Regulation N°443/2009 and 510/2011 on CO2 emission performance standards for light duty vehicles. This consultation will close on October 28th. The objective is to improve the current situation in terms of CO2 capping for new vehicles and how this could be strenghtened in the future to reach 2030 COP21 agreement goals. The consultation is accessible here.
  • A new legislation that would monitor and report Heavy-Duty Vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This consultation will also close on October 28th. This was already hinted before the publication of the Low Mobility Strategy as a mean to further assess and in the future cap CO2 emission from HDV, and would be using the VECTO tool. The consultation is available here.
  • Revision of the 1999/62 "Eurovignette" directive, which could lead to extend the current directive scope to lighter vehicle (<3,5 tons) both for passenger and freight, as well as potentially redefine the calculation of the toll based on distance. This consultation will close on October 2nd and is available here.
  • A review of the 2004/52 Directive and Decision 2009/750 on the European Electronic Tolls Service. The idea is to take note of the barrier that needs to be addressed to fully deploy the EETS to heavy-duty but also lighter vehicles. The consultation will close on October 2nd and is available here.