3rd VRUITS Newsletter: discover progress on assessment of ITS applications for VRU safety and comfort

The third newsletter edition of VRUITS – improving the Safety and Mobility of Vulnerable Road Users through ITS Application – is now available. Its publication coincides with a milestone in the project: after having completed the qualitative assessment of the 21 ITS applications selected in VRUITS, the project now moves into a quantitative assessment of a selected number of applications.

The VRUITS project aims at developing tools to evaluate, field-test and subsequently improve ITS for vulnerable road users, by actively integrating the “human” element. By placing Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) at the center, the VRUITS project assesses the impact of current and upcoming ITS applications on VRUs’ safety and mobility, identifies how the usability and efficiency of ITS applications can be improved, and recommends which actions have to be taken at a policy level to further progress on those aspects.

This newsletter edition presents readers with the definition and goals of the impact assessment, the data and methodology for carrying it out as well as the conclusions on the general benefits and general costs of each of the ITS service. Finally, reporting back from the ITS Congress in Helsinki and the Second Interest Group Workshop that was held at the fringe of the Congress on the 16th of June 2014, the newsletter presents the next steps of the project.

In the VRUITS project a series of specific impacts assessment is performed, each of them dedicated to a particular aspect, such as safety, mobility, comfort and cost-benefit. At first, a qualitatively evaluation is carried out on large set of ITS; later, a quantitative assessment is performed on a smaller and more defined group on applications.

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