2018 Polis Conference coming up: Join the urban mobility debate!

Opening Plenary: Citizens First?!

Our Opening Plenary will look at how to reconcile ‘user-centric’ approaches and individual citizens’ needs with sustainable mobility policy goals and the needs of society as a whole. Is co-creation the answer?Our keynote speaker, Alexander D'Hooghe, Senior Partner at the Organization for Permanent Modernity, will talk about 'Monuments for an open society? - Management of socio-spatial risks in urban mobility projects'.

Closing Plenary: Get out of my space!

Urban space is scarce and valuable. Our Closing Plenary will look at how to prioritise modes and people by giving them space, at managing space more dynamically, and at the spatial impact of new and automated mobility services.

Keynote speaker Helle Lis Søholt, CEO of Gehl, will talk about ‘Making Cities for People’. She said:

"Cities are made of life and interaction. Technology and big data are only enablers. We need to analyse, strategise, plan and build to make Cities for People; cities where people and communities are healthy, happy and prosperous."

Women in transport

Polis uses this year's Conference as an opportunity to encourage the active involvement of women. Therefore, all parallel sessions will be facilitated by female moderators. Session 1E 'Talking gender' discusses women as transport professionals and transport users .